03/29/2012 01:43 pm ET

Dell Venue And Venue Pro Smartphones Gets The Axe In America

Here's another Dell device you're not getting, dude: a smartphone.

A few months after discontinuing its Streak tablet series, Dell announced that it would stop production and sales of its Venue and Venue Pro smartphones in America. The Venue phones, which run the Android and Windows Phone operating systems, remain on sale in India and other parts of Asia, though you will no longer be able to find them in any American venues.

According to a spokesperson talking to AllThingsD, the company has plans to release new "mobility devices" later in the year, including both smartphones and tablets. That tablet could be a reference to the Windows 8 slates that Dell has said it's determined to release by the end of 2012. The next version of Windows, with its "Metro" interface, is designed to be touch-and-swipe friendly, and several companies, including Dell, believe it could be the key to challenging the iPad's dominance in the tablet market.

For now, Dell appears focused on making that tablet, as well as desktop and laptop computers and smartphones that are not the Venue or Venue Pro. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Dell appeared to return to its bread-and-butter, showing off a new XPS 13 Ultrabook; the thin, light laptop received solid reviews when it was released earlier in March.

Dell is also focused on its enterprise services and support capabilities, as CEO Michael Dell recently told CNBC; Dell referred to his company as an "end-to-end solutions provider" rather than a PC manufacturer in that interview, as noted by AllThingsD.

As the company finds its focus, Dell has been paring its product line of unsuccessful devices, discontinuing its Streak 5 and Streak 7 tablets and ending its production of Netbooks in December.

The Venue and Venue Pro smartphones are the latest casualties. Though the Dell Venue sales page no longer lists any American sales outlets, you can still order Venue and Venue Pro smartphone accessories on the official Dell website.