03/29/2012 09:05 am ET Updated Mar 29, 2012

'House At The End Of The Street' Trailer: Jennifer Lawrence Gets Her Own Cheapie Horror Thriller

It's the moment every young girl with their heart set on becoming an actress waits for: the chance to star in her very own exploitation-y horror film! For Jennifer Lawrence, that moment has arrived with "House at the End of the Street," a cheapie thriller that was actually filmed before the white-hot star became the Girl Who Was on Fire.

Shockingly not a remake -- despite a title that you're probably sure you heard before -- "House at the End of the Street" focuses on Lawrence's Elissa and her mom (Elisabeth Shue) after they move into a house where a grisly double-murder occurred. But the location is great!

Anyway, scary things start happening with broken glass, jump-scares and chloroform; Lawrence strips down to her sweaty tank-top; rinse and repeat. Kudos, though, to whoever thought to cast Shue as J.Law's onscreen mom. Those are some believably good genes!

Originally scheduled for release in February (and then April), "House at the End of the Street" arrives in theaters on Sept. 21. You can see Lawrence in decidedly more clothing in "The Hunger Games," out now.

[via MTV]

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