03/29/2012 02:44 pm ET Updated Mar 29, 2012

Mexican Soccer Fans Arrested After Crime Wave To Finance Their UK Vacation

Six Mexican tourists were arrested in the UK after a series of burglaries in the country, according to The Independent.

The five men and one woman entered the country on tourist visas in October of last year, having traveled to the UK for a tour of Premier League soccer arenas. They were visiting some of the sport's most important fields such as the Old Trafford, home of Manchester United's Mexican striker, Javier Hernández.

All six reportedly set out on burglary spree in northern England and Scotland after they ran out of money during their soccer holiday.

They targeted homes in five communities -- Carlisle, Lancaster, Morecambe, Bolton-le-Sands and Starthclyde -- between November 16 and 21 of 2011. The group was reportedly searching for jewelry, cash and electronic equipment.

The local police was alerted by a witness and were subsequently caught travelling south in their getaway-vehicle. According to Univision's Spanish-language website, the police recovered all the stolen merchandise.

Apart from one married couple, none of the bandits knew each other prior to the trip, meeting for the firs time at a London nightclub. During their time in the country, they lived in Lewsiham, in south London.

All six have been found guilty and sentenced. Juan Castillo Fernandez, 28, Cuauthemoc Fernandez Gomez, 30, and Manuel Garcia, 44, received a two-year sentence after admitting conspiracy to commit burglary.

Jose Vargas Gomez, 51, Juan Molina, 24, and Cristina Obregon, 22, will be jailed for 14 months after pleading guilty to possessing stolen goods.

None of the defendants has a previous criminal record. As they each complete their sentence, they will be deported back to Mexico.