03/29/2012 06:54 pm ET

Military Father Surprises Daughter On Stage After Returning From Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Military homecomings are always heartwarming, but rarely are they as public as this.

MSG Joseph Devine (U.S. Army) returned from Afghanistan on March 15 after spending the past year in Afghanistan. Devine has three children, the oldest of which is his daughter, a high school senior.

So, upon his return he decided he could do something special for her.

"Anyway, after our 7-year-old son greeted his dad at the airport, we had a different kind of surprise in store for our amazing 18-year-old daughter, who is a senior in high school," Kathryn Devine, his wife, told WelcomeHomeBlog. "She is the captain of her speech team and, after having just completed her 10-minute speech, we had her daddy come on stage to surprise her! She is daddy’s only little girl, always will be, and boy did it show. We are all really just starting to be whole again after being without our #1 guy this last year. I hope you enjoy the video and my less than stellar recording ability!”

The family got the whole heart-warming experience on camera, and have so far shared the video with hundreds of thousands of people on YouTube.

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