03/29/2012 03:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New York Celebrity Real Estate Map: Jeremy Lin, Dakota Fanning, Derek Jeter

From David Schwimmer's massive East Village (de)construction to Jeremy Lin's move from couch to fancy W Hotel apartment, the city is constantly proving to be filled with celebrity residences in virtually every neighborhood.

Ever wonder how your humble, New York City abode compares to the lodgings of the rich and famous? After all, you may live on the same street as say, Dakota Fanning or Robin Williams, but that sure doesn't mean your rental price tags are in the same ballpark.

BuzzFeed recently captured a similar schism between New Yorker's naive, wide-eyed expectations when they first move to the city and cruel reality.

Here to put things in perspective is a handy map from Rentenna:

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To see the apartments of actual New Yorkers sans Hollywood paychecks, check out the hodgepodge of digs below (and feel free to include your own apartment!):