03/29/2012 11:51 am ET

Oops! Photographer Anne Chadwick Williams Takes Hilarious Blooper Photos Of Shelter Dogs (PHOTOS)

Bad photos can happen to the best of us.

Based on these blooper photos taken by Anne Chadwick Williams -- a professional photographer in Sacramento, Calif. -- it looks like they can happen to the cutest dogs too.

More than a year ago, Williams started photographing shelter dogs at the Sacramento City Animal Shelter.

"I knew I could draw more attention to the animals with good pictures and I wanted to help get them adopted," she said.

However, even the cutest dogs have their off-days -- and over time, Williams has amassed a collection of blooper photographs that are at once hilarious and adorable.

She recently posted a few of these photos, with funny captions added, on her blog.

"The blooper photos are a funny fusion of [the dogs'] offbeat expressions and anthropomorphism," Williams said. "They show a full range of emotions one usually doesn’t see in dog adoption photos."

"I’m sure we all can relate to one or two of them," she added.

Find more photos and information on Anne Chadwick Williams' website.