Rick Perry Still Has People Voting For Him, For Some Reason

It's been a long while since Rick Perry quit the race, but as it turns out, his popularity with voters has only slightly waned in the intervening time. According to Austin-American Statesman columnist Ken Herman, after Perry famously struggled to get "people to vote for him when he was running for president," he's now "having some trouble getting people to stop."

I can understand why people vote. I can understand why people don't vote. I can't understand why people vote for ex-candidates. I want people to stop doing that. Ex-candidate Perry, who has amassed more votes since dropping out than he did while running, also wants people to stop doing that.

Our governor got 14,321 votes before he dropped out Jan. 19, two days before the South Carolina primary. Since bailing out, Perry's picked up 39,435 votes.

Herman says that he's not trying to ridicule Perry "for getting more votes as an ex-candidate than he did as a candidate." Rather, he says that he's "ridiculing people who vote for dropouts." Of course, dropping out of the race was Perry's best decision as a candidate, so how else are voters supposed to reward his sagacity, other than to vote for him?

Herman asks: "Are they unmoved by Perry's endorsement of Newt Gingrich, something Perry announced the day he dropped out?" (Answer: Yes.)

Perry: Please stop voting for me [Austin American Statesman]

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