03/29/2012 03:56 pm ET

Teens Say 'Senior Assassins' Squirt Gun Game Is Safe, Despite Accident

Students in Modesto, Calif., say that "Senior Assassins," a game played with squirt guns, is harmless despite an incident that angered a driver accidentally caught in the middle.

On March 23, a group of teens squirted a couple sitting at a stop sign. The high school students said the couple's red pick up truck was similar to their intended target's vehicle, the Modesto Bee reports.

Driver Benito Victory subsequently chased the teens and allegedly fired a handgun, according to the Bee. The couple's car eventually rolled over, sending the passenger to the hospital.

Victory was suspected of driving under the influence and was arrested.

Although some witnesses report Victory fired the gun, police were not able to find the weapon, FOX 40 reports.

"That was one incident that occurred, and I hope school officials and police don't get a bad picture of [the game]," Mehnoor Haseeb, a high school senior, told the Modesto Bee.

About 130 teens at Modesto High School signed up for the "Assassins" game for a chance to win about $700. Players are eliminated after they've been soaked by a squirt gun or water balloon, the report explains.

The game is played by various groups throughout the nation. One Facebook group even offers one important tip to players: Be prepared.

"Always carry a water gun/bottle/balloon and extra clothes with you. You'll never know when you get 'killed,'" the description states.

The "Assassins" game might sound harmless in theory, but some recognize it might not always be the case.

"When you're talking about taking it out on to streets in city areas, you the potential for a lot of danger," Deputy Tom Letras of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, told FOX 40 News.

Some schools have even banned the game from taking place on campus.

Visit the Modesto Bee for the full story.