03/29/2012 12:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Time For Three's 'Stronger' Cover: Strings Trio Performs Kanye West & Daft Punk Song To Fight Bullying (VIDEO)

Three musicians are adding the sounds of their instruments to the chorus of anti-bullying activists with a cover of Kanye West and Daft Punk's song "Stronger."

Zach DePue, Nick Kendall, and Ranaan Meyer, also known as Time for Three or TF3, are a strings trio who hope the music video for their stirring cover will help raise awareness when it comes to the millions of children that are bullied each year in America alone.

They funded their video through Kickstarter, raising over $18,000 from 274 fans. In the clip (see video below), a young musician is shown being bullied at school. The bullies escalate their harassment throughout the video, but the boy eventually happens on a TF3 jam session and feels at home.

Like the boy in the video, TF3 were mocked for being obsessed with classical music when they were young. According to their website, the musicians that they had all faced bullying. "We had similar stories," their website says. "We were the kid in school who didn’t fit in and was sometimes bullied or left out because we played an instrument."

The trio started the band while they were students at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. A their first big performance, a lightning storm cut power to the venue. The three men improvised "an all-acoustic jam session in the dark," according to their website. It wasn't long until they were playing larger venues and touring.

Elsewhere in the fight against bullying, AMC announced yesterday that it would allow minors to see the film "Bully" with either a signed permission slip or an adult guardian. The Weinstein Company released "Bully" unrated after a bitter fight over the movies MPAA-assigned R rating.

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