03/30/2012 06:14 pm ET

Alicia Silverstone, January Jones And Other Celebrity Moms Share Parenting Tips: TMI?

"TMI!" That's the reaction some onlookers are having to the recent slew of celebrity parenting news.

From Alicia Silverstone's video manifesto for the controversial practice of pre-chewing -- which became enough of a national story to merit analysis from Dr. Nancy Snyderman on NBC's "Today Show" this week ("There's nothing dirtier than the human mouth," she said) -- to the ongoing coverage of January Jones' public comments about eating her placenta, there's been an overload of odd parenting prescriptions from big- and small-screen stars alike.

Actress Mayim Bialik's new book about attachment parenting, "Beyond the Sling," has placed the star's parenting philosophy squarely in the public sphere. Bialik -- who is a proponent of co-sleeping and (more controversially) refuses to use diapers -- stood up for some of her views in a debate on HuffPost Parents earlier this month.

Jessica Simpson -- whose collected quotations about pregnancy have already inspired a number of online anthologies -- was quoted comparing pregnancy to "carrying around a bowling ball." She's also reportedly gone back on her earlier promise to give birth in heels.

In other news, Snooki -- who tweeted a cleavage-heavy picture earlier this week, with the comment "I got swagger with my pregnant self" -- has been prepping for motherhood by taking care of a baby doll.

Are you interested in the advice (or antics) of celebrity parents or moms- and dads-to-be? Or do you think these stars should keep their philosophies private? Let us know in the comments below.