03/30/2012 12:37 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2012

Baby Rock Climbing: Toddler Scales Wall In Diaper (VIDEO)

This week in sporty toddlers caught on camera: little Bode falls asleep while skiing and now, a baby, wearing only his diaper, scales a rock-climbing wall.

Right foot, left foot, hand over hand ... she's completely strategic, even pausing to remove toys that were placed on the wall as obstacles. You may find yourself holding your breath, terrified that he will fall. (Spoiler alert: The clip ends before she dismounts.)

Kids do like to climb, as shown by twin Houdinis who were caught escaping their crib, but Babble's Amber Doty questions whether this baby's skills are impressive or if the stunt is one big parenting fail. She says she'd never let her child attempt a similar feat.

Take a look and let us know, how adventurous would you let your toddler get?

Via Babble