03/30/2012 02:27 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2012

'Bottle Poppaz': The Webseries About Arizona Club Promoters You Didn't Know You Needed (VIDEO)

If you've found yourself in Scottsdale, Arizona lately, looking around the bar and thinking, "This is just lame," you're in luck. Troy and Marcus, two mediocre club promoters in the area, have gotten their own "The Hills"-style webseries and are getting ready to blow that town up in a big way.

Imagine: a club with a men's room that has flat-screen TV's and leather floors. A place where Tyga's "Rack City" plays on a loop all night and the shutter shades never come off.

It's called "Bottle Poppaz," starring Fabrizio Goldstein (The Fat Jew) and Jonathan Sollis and produced by Nick Gallo of "The Onion" -- the same guys who brought you "The SkinNY."

So if the return of Spring means drinking promotional flavored vodkas and getting buck with your friends, keep your eyes peeled for what these guys have in store.