03/30/2012 02:58 pm ET

John Varvatos Hosts Johnny Ramone Autobiography Party At Former CBGB Venue (PHOTOS)

High-end fashion designer John Varvatos celebrated the launch Thursday of "Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone" at his chic 315 Bowery boutique which, not so coincidentally, is the former location of legendary punk music venue, CBGB.

Ramone, along with a string of influential musicians that include Patti Smith and Talking Heads, is known for his groundbreaking performances at the now lionized rock club, which was forced to close in 2007.

The shuttering provoked uproar amongst longtime fans, with some decrying it as a "cultural rape of New York City." Varvatos' eventual takeover of the renowned space symbolized to many the apex of the neighborhood's posh transformation.

Upon the store's opening in 2008, Varvatos reassured he wasn't "trading CB's at all," and judging by Thursday's event, the designer is either making due on that promise or still on desperate damage control.

As for Joey Ramone, we can only guess he's either rolling in his proverbial grave or at peace with burying the hatchet.

See below for pics of the shindig which brought out Tommy Ramone, Elvis Costello, and many more:


John Varvatos' CBGB Opening Party in 2008: