03/30/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2012

Tim Flores, Minimalist From Bellingham, Washington, Moves House On A Bicycle To Reduce Environmental Impact

Tim Flores of Bellingham, Wash., has some pretty great friends. So great that they were willing to help him haul almost one ton worth of furniture across town -- on bicycles.

For more than a decade, Flores -- a self-declared minimalist -- has been living without a car. So when the 30-year-old decided to move apartments this week, he saw it as a challenge, the Bellingham Herald reports. By using minimalism as a way of life, Flores says he reduces his impact on the environment and stays healthy.

With the help of nine friends, Flores packed all his belongings, which included a sofa, dining room set and bed, on nothing but bicycles and bike trailers.

They then took to the streets, weaving their way -- a bizarre assemblage of churning legs, wheels and furniture -- through the Bellingham streets.

"It is very Beverly Hillbillies-looking," Flores, who works at a local community food co-op, said. "I'm used to this craziness, but this is pretty wild."

Flores said that he hopes people will rethink their dependence on cars -- for the sake of both their own good health and the health of the environment.

"Not everyone can move an entire home by bike, but you can walk to the store or ride a bike to work once a week," he said. "That's within everyone's grasp."

It took 45 minutes of slow and steady biking to cover the five mile distance, but the herd of bikers and their wares arrived at the new apartment without a scratch, the Daily Mail reports.

"Hey, not too tiring," Flores said, sweat-soaked but happy. "We should do this again next week."