03/30/2012 03:52 am ET

'Missing': Millions In Diamonds Lead To A Few Answers And Lots More Questions (VIDEO)

The world of "Missing" (Thu., 8 p.m. ET on ABC) got a lot bigger this week. Not only did the action continue to follow Becca's quest to find her missing son Michael, but it expanded to give viewers Michael's perspective as well. To this point, since the kidnapping, he's only been seen in surveillance footage Becca found and when she saw him get on board that private plane last week.

Now viewers know he's being held at a lavish compound that can afford to have snipers positioned all around the perimeter 24/7 for the sole purpose of warning or maiming any of the prisoners who try to escape. It's also apparent that Michael is not alone there -- and that they're likely in Russa, as it's not Poland. Though, as he got that information from a fellow prisoner being forced into his confidence, it must be taken with a grain of salt.

Things also got a lot more dangerous for Becca when her best friend from back home flew to Paris to hang out with her. She'd just confirmed her husband was cheating on her and needed a shoulder to cry on, and a massive distraction. Instead she found herself embroiled in a tense stand-off between Becca and a woman who had answers about Michael's captors.

She even gave Becca some of the answers in exchange for diamonds Becca had stolen from her. And because she thought the order had finally been given to take Becca out. Instead, though, it was the woman who took a sniper shot to the forehead. But not before revealing that Michael was taken by the same man who killed Becca's husband all those years ago.

The mystery continues to unravel each week on "Missing," Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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