03/30/2012 09:41 am ET

Pat Harbeson Nails Rob Guida In Virginia-Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Game (VIDEO)

I don't know if it's possible, but Pat Harbeson of Virginia's lacrosse team might get a call from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell if he ever sees this video.

With the score tied at six in the third period, Johns Hopkins' Rob Guida had the ball and was trying to maneuver around a defender in Virginia's zone. As he tried to weave his way toward goal his stick was knocked out of his hands from behind. As the ball trickled away, Guida slowed down and looked behind him for his stick. But just as he turned his head, Harbeson charged at him and delivered a crushing hit that knocked off Guida's helmet.

According to Lacrosse Playground, the referees slapped Harbeson with a one minute non-releasable penalty.

When it comes to targeting the head, the NCAA makes it clear in the lacrosse rulebook that helmet-to-helmet hits have no place in the sport.

A player shall not deliberately initiate contact to an opponent’s head or neck with a cross check, or any part of his body (head, elbow, shoulder, etc.) or stick. Any follow-through that contacts the head or neck shall also be considered a violation of this rule.

PENALTY—One, two or three minute non-releasable foul, at the referee’s discretion. Excessive violation of this rule may result in an ejection from the game.