03/30/2012 05:11 pm ET

'Freak In The Crowd,' Teens' Anti-Bullying Music Video, Slams Harassment (VIDEO)

A group of New York teens have put a musical spin on their anti-bullying efforts.

A catchy tune titled "Freak in the Crowd" features three young women slamming harassment while drawing attention bullying's potentially dangerous side-effects.

Lead singer Grace "Tucan" Gara and Faith Gara and Kristie Kleine say they hope the song inspires others to speak up, YNN Syracuse reports.

"I hope people see it and they're like, wow, I can make a difference and I can be the one to stand up and make someone's day even save someone's life," Grace Gara told YNN.

The song also provides hope to victims of harassment with lyrics such as:

They say High School bullies never change,
You pick on the geeks, but I think you are weak,
Take one look at us now, I can see us somehow,
Emerging like dragonflies

As of Friday afternoon, the video had only garnered about 300 views, but the girls have already captured the attention of the makers of the "Bully" documentary. The film directed by Lee Hirsch hits theaters March 30.

To read more about the three teens, visit CentralNy.YNN.com for the full story.