03/30/2012 12:32 am ET Updated Mar 30, 2012

The Top 9 Tech CEOs Of 2012, As Rated By Employees: Glassdoor Survey

How well do you now your company's CEO? A recent Career Builder survey found that one-fifth of American workers don't know what their CEO looks like, while 40 percent say they had never met him or her. But do those who know their CEO well enough approve of the job he or she is doing?, a career review and rating site, surveyed employees at the country's top tech companies to determine the approval ratings of their respective chiefs.

According to a press email, the site asked a simple question of employees working at some of the biggest tech companies: Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company? The survey results reflect data gathered between March 16, 2011 and March 15, 2012.

Since released its 2011 survey, quite a few faces and companies have changed or been kicked off the list completely. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, for example, received an approval rating of 96 percent last year, but he has since been replaced by Larry Page, who sits at number three on the list with a slightly lower approval rating of 94 percent. And Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was kicked down to number 10 after his approval rating dropped five percentage points from 84 percent to 79 percent. GeekWire notes Bezos' drop with surprise, pointing out that he has helped up Amazon's stock by 417 percent in just five years.

The highest-rated CEO (see slideshow) earned the approval of 97 percent of his employees -- two percentage points higher than his predecessor earned in 2011.

Flip through the slideshow below to check out the top nine CEOs who made's list of the top-rated tech chiefs of the past year. Then, take a look at last year's list to see what's changed.

Are you surprised by any of the CEOs who made the list this year? Do you think anyone's been snubbed? Let us know in the comments!