03/31/2012 11:10 am ET Updated Mar 31, 2012

POEM: 'There's Something About Horses'

This is a regular column featuring original poetry and fiction by and for teens, provided by Figment.com, an online community writing site for young people.

By Kristina D. Hartman

Freedom on Horse-Back
You never know
What freedom feels like,
Until you’re going at a
Flat run bare back.
If you’ve been,
You know how it feels.
The horse’s every step,
The wind in our hair,
The way your body
Moves with the horse.
If I could, I would live
In the saddle.
Forever roaming
With the wild and tame horses.
Freedom is
The best feeling in the world.
It’s even better,
When on horse-back.

Passion for the Horse
Galloping down the roads,
You don’t care
Who you see.
Nothing matters right then.
All that you care about,
Is how you feel.
What you feel.
Mussels tensing
And relaxing
Underneath you.
The horses hoofs
Hitting the hard
Packed ground.
Passion the horse
Shows toward you,
Passion you have
For the horse.
No passion for the horse,
No amazing ride.

Riding to a Sunset
If your days
Been hard,
If you want
To disappear,
Go ride.
Ride to a sunset.
Don’t stop until
You reach the
Never look back.
Not until you
Have cleared your
Watch the sun sink
Into the ground.
Tomorrow you
Will find
Yourself again,
Having a bad day,
Riding to a sunset.

Where the Wild Roam
Far beyond the
Flower blossomed hills,
Farther from where
Most would go.
They will be there.
Grazing through
Land that hasn’t
Been touched by
Any human hand.
A secret place
Where they can play.
Without a worry
In the world.
Free to frolic
And roam wherever.
Where the wild roam,
Without a care,
Without a fear.

Loyal Friend and Companion
When people think
About the words
Loyal and Companion,
They think about dogs.
But for me,
My loyal friends
And companions,
Are horses.
Some people think
Horses cannot be loyal,
Or a good companion.
But they can be.
Teach them from
And early age.
You will find,
Horses can be better
Loyal friends and Companions,
Than even a dog.

Lost in a Storm
One thing I
Have learned,
Is to never
Ride in a
Thunder Storm.
Horse gets scared,
You get bucked off.
There you lay
On the cold ground.
Lost in a storm.
You yell,
No one hears you.
Your stuck somewhere.
You don’t know where,
You with you didn’t go.
Hours pass.
The horse comes back.
She’s not alone.
She brings help.
Saves you from the storm.

Forest Ride
Rain fall,
Makes for a fresh scent.
Mist cover,
Makes for a mysterious ride.
Wolves prowling,
Howling, hunting, leering in the shadows.
Horse tensing,
Scared by wolves, waiting for your comfort.
Your hands,
Rub the horses’ neck for his comfort and yours.
Forest ride,
Beautiful, calming, Wonderful, forever amazing.

Never run alone.
Take your loyal companion.
Take the path that
Leads to calm pools,
Where horses dot
The land around.
Run with them.
Be one with them.
They will be your
Best friends for eternity.
Running with the horses,
Clears the mind,
Heals the heart.

Only Horses
There’s something about horses
That makes me feel like no
Other human can make me feel.
There’s a sence of belonging,
Of being needed,
Of being loved.
There’s a joy beyond any other
That I get when with them,
When riding them.
There’s no other feeling like it,
The feeling of peace,
Of freedom.
But only with the horses.

My Life
Horses are my life line.
If they are to fade,
I shall fade with them.
As long as horses are up on the Earth,
So shall I be.
For now I am here in both body and spirit,
But when my physical body dies,
My spirit will forever linger here among the horses.
The spirit of the horse is one with my spirit.
We will forever be connected by an unbreakable bond.
I may not be with them all the time physically,
But mentally and spiritually,
I am with them Always.