03/31/2012 02:48 pm ET

Rand Paul: GOP Establishment Like 'Sharks Smelling Blood' Who 'Can't Wait To Close In For The Kill'

Rand Paul compared the "old guard" Republican establishment to "sharks smelling blood in the water" who "can’t wait to close in for the kill."

Paul emailed his father Ron Paul's supporters with a fundraising plea on the final day of the first quarter of the 2012 fundraising cycle.

"As [Ron Paul] wrote to you last night, the eyes of the 'old guard' establishment will be carefully watching this first quarter report," Paul wrote. "Like sharks smelling blood in the water, they can’t wait to close in for the kill. They’ll use any excuse to declare this race over and crown Mitt Romney the winner."

The GOP senator wrote that Romney still has "a long way to go to capture 1,144 delegates" necessary to secure the nomination, a feat that Paul called a "massive undertaking." GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich also recently expressed doubt in Romney's ability to earn enough delegates.

"I think he will probably get 1,144 but I think he has to earn it," Gingrich said.

Paul wasn't the only one making a last push for funds -- as BuzzFeed's Ben Smith points out, a slew of other campaigns sent faux-informal messages to supporters asking for donations on Saturday.