04/01/2012 11:12 am ET

April Fools Day 2012 Roundup: The BEST Pranks Of The Year!

It's April Fools Day! We'll be here all day catching you up on the best pranks of the year. So keep checking back for updates!

See one we missed? Let us know!

04/02/2012 9:57 AM EDT


We have no idea who made this site devoted to a Steven Spielberg themed restaurant chain, but it's pretty funny.

04/02/2012 9:35 AM EDT

Warby Parker Introduces Line Of Glasses For Dogs

Check out the full site for Warby Barker here.

04/02/2012 9:16 AM EDT

Hornitos Introduces Tequila-Scented Fragrances

Read more here.

04/01/2012 6:58 PM EDT

Cute Overload's 'Nuffington Post;

04/01/2012 6:53 PM EDT

Criterion Collection releases 'Kindergarten Cop'

SYNOPSIS: Historically, the policier and the family comedy were two distinct categories. Then, in 1990, Kindergarten Cop gave us all a lesson in genre revisionism. With muscular sensitivity, Hollywood’s last action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger embodies detective John Kimble, who is compelled to go undercover as a teacher of five-year-olds in order to catch a ponytailed drug dealer. Though it’s distinguished by pulse-pounding suspense, a Crayola-bright palette by cinematographer Michael Chapman (Taxi Driver), and trenchant observations about education in the Bush I era, the film’s emotional center is Schwarzenegger’s gruff yet good-tempered interaction with a class full of precocious scamps, including a tumor-forewarning death-obsessive and a genitalia expert. By leavening a children’s film with enough violence to please even the most cold-hearted bastard, director Ivan Reitman shows that he refuses to color inside the lines.

Check it out here.

04/01/2012 5:10 PM EDT

Power Rangers Fragrances

Smell strong...

04/01/2012 4:39 PM EDT

Kodak Unveils Live Kitten Printer

OMG, print your own live kitties at home! Finally!

04/01/2012 4:33 PM EDT

AdBlock Becomes CatBlock

Full cat-splanation here.

04/01/2012 4:30 PM EDT

Entire GOP race an elaborate hoax

The hilarious Andy Borowitz illustrates the elusive hoax hoax:

In an April Fool’s Day announcement that took the political world by storm, the Republican Party revealed today that its entire presidential race had been an elaborate prank.

“April Fool!” exclaimed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum at a press conference in Washington, where they were joined by fellow merrymakers Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

Read the full story here.

04/01/2012 1:04 PM EDT

College Humor creates most obnoxious social networking site ever

Welcome to Campus Quad: