04/02/2012 10:42 am ET

George LeMieux Pranks Opponent Connie Mack With Fake Charlie Sheen Endorsement

Former Sen. George LeMieux (R-Fla.) got the best of his primary opponent on April Fool's Day, when his campaign sent out an email announcing an unflattering endorsement for LeMieux's rival, Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.).

LeMieux's campaign sent a message to supporters Sunday announcing that Charlie Sheen had endorsed Mack. Mack and LeMieux are competing to unseat incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat.

"As the Senate race unfolds and more is revealed about Mack’s colorful past, the more I like and identify with him," read the email, signed by "Charlie Sheen."

"The similarities between us are endless," the email continued. "We both have famous and respected fathers, both went into the family business, and we love living in California and having a good time (especially on the red carpet). We're also both known for our public displays of rage and frequent 'lapses in judgment.'"

The fake endorsement was a nod to LeMieux's past comments comparing Mack to the volatile celebrity who had a highly public meltdown last year.

“You cannot study a rap sheet like that without concluding that Connie Mack IV is the Charlie Sheen of Florida politics," LeMieux said earlier this year in reference to court records detailing Mack's past bar fights, domestic incidents and other acts of aggression. "Connie Mack IV lacks the character and temperament to serve as a United States Senator.”

LeMieux, who served in the Senate for just over a year, has trailed Mack in the polls. However, he made headlines in February when he won a straw poll among grassroots activists.

Mack wasn't the only politician to get pranked on Sunday. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the target of a more benign trick from his own staff, who brought the former governor to an empty campaign event.

"This is a morning I'm not going to forget anytime soon," Romney said of his staff's antics. "They turned me into the April fool this morning."