04/02/2012 10:45 am ET

Locally Laid Eggs For Easter

By Alexa Stanard, Hour Detroit

Easter eggs in all their festively dyed glory beckon brightly this month. In fact, some varieties of chickens even lay lovely eggs, Easter-ready shades like pale blue-green.

But crack them open, and you’ll find their vibrant beauty is shell-deep, of course. As for their taste, eggs can vary widely in their flavor and nutritional content. That variation is prompting consumers to hunt for fresh, local eggs produced by happy hens.

“I was the person who would spend $7 a dozen at Whole Foods to get cage-free eggs,” says Melody Nye, co-owner of Melo Farms in Yale, Mich., an enterprise she founded with her husband, Lynn, in 2010. “Then I started learning what all this meant.”

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