04/02/2012 06:32 pm ET Updated Apr 03, 2012

Mark Ballas: It's Too Early To Call William Levy The Frontrunner On ‘Dancing With The Stars' (EXCLUSIVE)

We’re only two weeks into season fourteen of ABC’s "Dancing With the Stars," and already TV critics are calling Cuban telenovela hunk William Levy the heavy favorite to win this season’s mirror ball trophy.

But part-Spanish ballroom dancer Mark Ballas, who has won DWTS twice and made it to the finals a total of four times, told The Huffington Post via email that it's way too early to start calling Levy—or anyone for that matter—this season's frontrunner.

“It’s really hard to say this early in the show,” Ballas said. “Everyone is a frontrunner at this point. I think anyone can win at this point! This season is really unlike any other in that everyone is bringing it and the competition is insane."

"I think in the next few weeks we'll see a few frontrunners emerge,” Ballas added.

Asked if he and his partner Katherine Jenkins can beat Levy and Cheryl Burke, Mark said, “Absolutely." But he added that winning isn't everything. “Of course it's always great to win, but my goal each week is to help Katherine dance the best she can and have a great time doing it!" he said. (In last week’s episode, Katherine and Mark scored a 26, putting them in first place ahead of Levy and Burke who had a score of 25).

To stay competitive, Ballas is hitting the gym everyday and eating healthy foods.

“Typically, I'll do an early gym weightlifting and cardio session, then head to a six-hour dance rehearsal, followed by Muay Thai/Jiu Jitsu sessions at True Warrior with my trainer Toby Grear,” said the fit dancer. And what does he eat to stay looking so good? “My new thing is spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and carrot juices. I tend to eat a lot of egg whites and egg white scrambles with green vegetables and stick to chicken or white fish for protein. I'm on a very low carb diet at the moment!” he explains.

Ballas, who is half-Greek and part-Spanish, has been representing for the Latino community on the hit show for ten seasons now and he says he takes great pride in that.

“I'm hugely proud of my Latin roots,” he said. “My grandparents were a huge part of my life. My grandmother and I spoke Spanish together and definitely had a big hand in raising me."

And since Ballas and Levy are both in such great shape, it's hard to tell who women swoon over more. So we asked the fit dancer straight out who he thinks is better looking: himself or Levy.

“I think that's a question better suited for the ladies to answer. Haha!” he wrote.

We also asked Ballas if having him and Levy on DWTS gives the show more Latin flavor than its had before. “DWTS brings the Latin flavor every season, baby!” he wrote.



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