04/02/2012 08:34 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Organize Your Life: Use FireFox's MeeTimer To End Procrastination, Boost Productivity

We've all been there before: You're clicking around Pinterest, and next thing you know you've spent two hours pinning your favorite puppy photos instead of tackling all the work you have to do. And then, suddenly you're scrambling to get all the work done with no time to spare. Looking to break the pattern? Download internet browser Firefox's add-on MeeTimer.

MeeTimer is designed to curb procrastination by tracking the time you spend on certain sites. How? By offering insight about your internet habits to identify sites that you're spending/wasting the most time on. This Firefox add-on will also help keep you from procrastinating with pop-up warnings even before a page can load. So, if more work hours are spent time on Facebook and Twitter, MeeTimer will basically step in with a reminder every time about what really needs to get done and help keep any procrastination at a minimum.

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NOTE: An earlier version of this article omitted that this add-on is currently not compatible with recent versions of Firefox. MeeTimer works with Firefox 2.0-3.0.