04/03/2012 04:30 pm ET

1940 Census Figures They Didn't Release

The data released from the 1940 census has been one of the hottest things on the Internet for over 24 hours, which is roughly 72 years in Internet time. But there were several pieces of information that weren't released to the general public; details that provide even more insight into what American life was like back in the day.

Fortunately, we uncovered more of these 1940 census facts and decided to list our ten favorites below:

  • In 1940, the average number of toilets in a dwelling was 7, but 6 of them were sanctioned for use only on federal holidays.
  • In 1940, only 5% of the population had college degrees. Today, only 5% of the population can pay for them.
  • In 1940, the average home had 19 children and at least one reality show.
  • In 1940, less than 1% of women identified as "feminist", while today 22% of women identify as "feminist, but not the annoying kind."
  • In 1940, minimum wage was 30 cents. Today, it's 30 cents plus tips.
  • In 1940, Tweets were etched into rocks and thrown at passing trains.
  • In 1940, Chuck Norris was born. Today he is born again.
  • In 1940, flying cars did not exist. Today that is total bullshit.
  • In 1940, most households identified as Christian. Today most households identify as foreclosed.

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