04/03/2012 01:39 pm ET

Bar Refaeli Picks Her Wedgie While Playing Tennis In Her Underwear (VIDEO)

26-year-old Israeli model hottie Bar Refaeli plays tennis against an invisible opponent in a new ad for her underwear line. Oh yeah, and she's only wearing the underwear. Gulp.

The spot is for, Bar's new line of underthingies that features simple cotton skivvies for both men and women. As she writes on her website:

My underwear is the clothing article closest to my body, and as such, I want it to complement it and not steal the show. There is nothing better than simple, comfortable, quality clothing.

There's also a "subscription" program that's supposed to be coming soon, which we assume will be like a Netflix for panties.

Bar's new black-and-white commercial (above) is seriously sexy, and we kinda dig the moment in the beginning when the camera zooms in to capture her picking her wedgie. She's just like us!

Our only gripe is the cheesy voiceover dude who narrates the video a little too literally: "People only see you playing tennis in your underpants, but I tell you what they don't know, how much pressure you're under." CUE MUSIC: "If you're feeling under presssssure, these pants will keep you fresher!"

Brb, watching this commercial over and over. On mute.