04/03/2012 05:40 am ET

'Castle': Did Beckett Wait Too Long To Tell Castle How She Feels? (VIDEO)

Sometimes it seems like those crazy kids are never going to get it together on "Castle" (Mon., 10 p.m. ET on ABC). This week, Beckett's friend Lanie acted as the voice of logic, reason and authority -- not to mention the show's rabid fanbase -- by telling Beckett that she needs to just own up to her feelings and tell Castle she's into him.

She also told Beckett what she already know, and that's that Castle is into her as well. So why can't they get it together? Well, Castle's been pulling away lately, but that's because he knows Beckett heard his admission of love, and as she isn't reciprocating, he's soothing his hurting heart with beautiful flight attendants. Something simple and familiar.

After Lanie did all this work to get Beckett to the point she was ready to face Castle and tell him how she felt, Castle had to pull up with a gorgeous girl in the car. Way to kill the moment, which is kind of what the show is all about. If they're afraid of the "Moonlighting" curse, they only need to look at how successfully "Bones" is navigating past the point of reciprocated feelings. It can be done!

Find out if they ever get it together as "Castle" continues Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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