04/03/2012 06:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Schwimmer: Person Injured By Falling Debris Outside 'Friends' Star's New Mansion

Has a curse fallen upon the House of Schwimmer?

Falling debris from David Schwimmer's under-construction East Village mansion struck and injured a person Tuesday afternoon, DNAinfo reports. The victim was taken to a Bellevue hospital with a minor arm injury.

Earlier this year Schwimmer demolished the historic 1852 structure at 331 East 6th Street to start building his new 6-story mansion despite pleas from the Landmarks Preservation Committee to preserve it and complaints from soon-to-be neighbors. (Basically he said this to the East Village.)

"Mr. Bigshot made a mistake tearing down this building," a 67-year-old Village resident named Charlotte told DNAinfo. "He paid a pretty penny and built some shiny silver thing. He's like a wart on the block. He doesn't belong here."

And Jay Russo, a city employee who grew up nearby, told The New York Post, "The Landmarks Commission is looking into these buildings, but before they are landmarked, people are coming in and tearing down the buildings."

So, are the ghosts of East Village past haunting the multiplying mansions of gentrifying yuppies a la Beetlegeuse? Or maybe a coven of witches at nearby Enchanted Inc. has cast a spell? We'll just have to wait and see.

Here's the house Schwimmer knocked down: