04/03/2012 03:03 pm ET

#ImSingleBecause: Women Share Their Reasons For Staying Solo

#ImSingleBecause ... This is the question that lots of women are taking to Twitter to answer.

Single women are currently the hot topic du jour. Both Republicans and Democrats are wooing them for votes, they are the subject of several TV sitcoms, and they are on their way to out-earning their male counterparts.

And as it becomes more common (and socially acceptable) to live alone, it's no wonder that many women are delaying or forgoing marriage altogether.

In February, HuffPost Women asked readers to share why they stay single, and got a whole bunch of great answers. "I do not want to settle and I only want to be married if it suits me, not society," tweeted Aimee McKinney. Others were a bit less earnest. "Last year I gave the guy I was dating an NPR Valentine," tweeted @sojochick. This morning the people all over the Twitterverse -- and the world -- took up the topic again, sharing the secrets of their singledom. Even pop star Kreayshawn got in on the fun. Our favorite tweet from this morning? "Because nutella isn't a person." (Hazelnut chocolate always trumps boyfriends.)

So tell us -- why are you single? Tweet @HuffPostWomen with the hashtag #WhyImSingle and we'll add you to our slideshow!

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