04/03/2012 03:26 pm ET

Jim Gaffigan Takes On Whales In 'Mr. Universe' Special Preview (VIDEO)

Jim Gaffigan is no stranger to jokes about marine life, and in this sneak preview of his upcoming online special, "Mr. Universe," the comedian continues that trend with almost four minutes on the ocean's biggest mammal: whales.

Gaffigan is the third comedian as of late to self-release his special online for $5, bringing his stand-up directly to comedy consumers uncensored and DRM-free. You might recall that Louis C.K. started the trend last year and Aziz Ansari just released his this month.

-- But back to the whales. In the clip, Gaffigan explains how he doesn't buy the argument that whales are so big because they have "a layer of blubber" ("I thought calling myself big-boned was a cop-out") and don't even get him started on blowholes.

Seriously. Gross.

"Mr. Universe" hits the Internet April 11 on You can sign up for a reminder on the site before it's released. In the meantime, watch the preview above.