04/03/2012 11:17 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Challenge: Parents 'Silverstone' Their Kids' Food

It's not always a positive thing to have your surname immortalized in verb form. "Tebow" may be quirky and complimentary, but "Sheen"? Clear negative connotations there. In Jimmy Kimmel's capable hands, the newest name-verb -- to "Silverstone" (or to pre-chew food for your children) -- is pure comic gold.

In honor of Alicia Silverstone's controversial premastication video, Kimmel asked parents to submit videos of their kids' responses to pre-chewed meals; the best entries were compiled and broadcast Monday night. Don't stop watching until you see the boy who screams, "I don't want your germs to chew it!" (at the 1:30 mark) or -- our favorite -- the little girl who's flat-out speechless (4:20).

Of course, the scenarios depicted in these clips are not quite the equivalent of Silverstone's feeding technique. Premastication of food for infants is a thing; pre-chewing for grown kids most certainly is not, as the feedback in Kimmel's video makes clear.

In the past, Kimmel has challenged parents to tape their kids' reactions to terrible Christmas presents and the disappearance of Halloween candy. Which wacky medley do you like best? More importantly, what will he ask us to do next?