04/03/2012 09:42 am ET

Jon Stewart To Mitt Romney's Tepid Endorsers: 'Fake It Better!' (VIDEO)

As the GOP primary race drags on, Jon Stewart is more and more convinced that Republicans will pick Mitt Romney to be the 2012 nominee -- even if they don't really know why.

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Stewart took a "They're Just Not That Into You" look at Romney's recent high-profile endorsements and found that nary a one felt 100% sincere. For example, when former President George H.W. Bush came out in support of the Mitt, Stewart thought the photo-op did more harm than any endorsement could do good.

"Romney's so bland in this picture he makes Bush almost look ethnic," Stewart joked, also adding that it looked like Romney was somehow taking the former first couple hostage.

Additionally, Rep. Paul Ryan endorsed Romney but essentially said "We have voted enough." Marco Rubio said he'd endorse him because he's going to be the nominee. Even former Gov. George Pataki's endorsement was lukewarm -- and he's part of Romney's "Northeastern moderate dull ex-governor" base.

Stewart isn't looking for Ted Kennedy for Obama-level love here, but pointed out that even a few George Kennedy for Breath Assure-level endorsements would be better than this. He even offered Mitt's potential backers some advice:

"This is politics -- presidential politics. Fake it better!"

Watch the video above.