04/03/2012 02:55 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2012

Rihanna Wears Pajama-Inspired Outfit To 'Battleship' Premiere (PHOTOS)

Ok, so they aren't actual PJs--but Ri Ri's sleepwear-inspired ensemble definitely makes it look like the superstar could have rolled out of bed and straight to the Tokyo premiere of her new film "Battleship."

The shimmering blue and gold metallic pant suit is from the Fall 2012 Emilio Pucci collection, so it would be quite the pricey slumber. But thanks to the addition of gold hoops earrings, a long necklace, an understated sandal and a cinched waist--the "We Found Love" singer was able to take the look from bedtime to showtime.

Not too shabby. But, the more shocking news might be that the Barbadian bombshell's hair is still the same color it was yesterday!

We know Ri Ri loves to change her tresses on a monthly, weekly or perhaps even daily basis--but we're really digging this darker 'do so we hope she rocks with it for awhile.

Let's just hope Ri Ri's sleepy-time getup is no reflection of the movie's appeal--or lack thereof.

Rihanna's PJ outfit