04/03/2012 05:08 pm ET

Josefina Vazquez Mota, Mexican Presidential Candidate, Mistakenly Vows To Strengthen Money Laundering During Speech (VIDEO)

Everyone makes mistakes. But Mexican presidential candidate, Josefina Vazquez Mota, took the cake during her speech in Teziutlán, Puebla, when she mistakenly told her supporters she wanted to, "strengthen money laundering" (what she actually said in Spanish was "fortalecer el lavado de dinero").


If you pay attention, the man directly behind Mota quickly flinches and then another man whispers in his ear something we imagine was along the lines of, "Er, what did she just say?" or "We'll need to spin our way out of that one later." But, what do we know?.

Whatever the case, she kept trekking through the speech without skipping a beat. According to Publimetro, Mota meant to say that she wanted to "fight against money laundering."

Considering Mexico's reputation as a haven for, and victim of, the corrupting effects of laundered drug trafficking profits, the slip-up hits where it hurts most.

Mario Vargas Llosa, the politically conservative Spanish-Peruvian writer and Nobel prize laureate, has been publicly championing Vazquez Mota as the solution for Mexico's woes.

Vargas Llosa vouched for Mota in an interview with El Pais:

"So that the fight against violence, corruption, and drug trafficking -- what president [Felipe] Calderon has fought for with so much courage -- won't regress and can continue to go forward, Josefina Vazquez needs to become Mexico's next president."

Could this blunder cause Mota to lose the election? Probably not. She isn't the first presidential candidate to put her foot in her mouth.

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