04/04/2012 08:21 am ET

Which Fictional Movie Universe Do You Most Want To Live In? (VIDEOS)

Inspired by a recent Reddit thread, we here at HuffPost Entertainment would love to know what fictional movie universe you would most want to live in.

Though any fictional universe will do, of course, some may be more appealing to others. While it might be interesting to live in Ridley Scott's "Alien" universe for example, it might not be the best choice, personal safety wise.

Maybe you're more the wizard and warlock kind of guy or gal, so the "Harry Potter" universe is more your bag.

To kick things off we've come up with a list of only 21 fictional movie universes. We'd love to hear from you on which other movie universes you'd live in if you could (there are lots more out there). Vote if you'd like to live there or not. Then sound off in the comments below after voting or hit us up on Twitter.

If you Tweet at @huffpostent with your movie universe of choice we'll add your tweet to the slideshow.



What fictional film universe would you live in?