04/04/2012 01:14 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

Andrew Miller Strips Objects Down To Basics With "Brand Spirit" (PHOTOS)

Whether you're driving down a city street or peeking into your snack pantry, it is nearly impossible to avoid being exposed to hundreds of logos. Which is why we were so impressed by Andrew Miller, who is going where no man has gone before: imagining a world without brands.

For 100 days Miller is painting various objects white, which will, in his words "reduc[e] the object to its purest form." From Tabasco sauce to dollar bills, these everyday objects are erased of all meaning before our eyes. Because we've become so used to looking at branded objects, it's jarring to see these denuded shapes. Miller's unbranded objects make us ponder the radical strangeness of a world permeated by corporate influence.

See Miller's progress on his Tumblr "Brand Spirit." Would you like to see a world without logos? Let us know.