04/04/2012 05:35 pm ET

Political Rap Battle Breaks Out On Twitter Between @Cool_Hand_Bruce And @YO_JBC_Raps (TWEETS)

Colorado politicos are a blessed bunch. Even when bipartisanship fails, the antics of our Twitteri prevail, bringing sunshine and laughter to the golden dome.

As the Joint Budget Committee struggled through yet another grinding session late last week, political reporters found solace lobbing satirical haikus into the Twittersphere; before the legislative session even started, @Yo_JBC_Raps had thrown down some serious rhymes; and @Cool_Hand_Bruce has been on hand with levity ever since Doug Bruce ended up in the slammer.

On Tuesday, though, two of our favorite Tweeters @Cool_Hand_Bruce and @Yo_JBC_Raps butted heads in a legislative rap battle that -- by the looks of it -- may turn into an ongoing feud.

True to the real-life persona, we're pretty sure @Cool_Hand_Bruce started the tiff with:

To which @YO_JBC_Raps responded:

From there the rap battle spun onto a range of topics, including an analysis of followers and crushes on reporters. At last check, @Cool_Hand_Bruce was attempting to woo @YO_JBC's fictitious Twitter girlfriend @CO_Budget_Babe.

Catch up on Colorado's surprisingly lively digital political comedy:



Cool Hand Bruce v Yo JBC Raps