04/04/2012 04:38 am ET

'Dance Moms' Finale: Abby Loses It After Her Girls Lose It, Causing Their Moms To Lose It (VIDEO)

Abby Lee Miller does not take losing well. For the first time, and by only one point, the Candy Apple's Dance Center beat Abby Lee's students in a dance competition on the season finale of "Dance Moms" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime). Miller got emotional for the first time ever over a dancer, when her favorite student Maddie forgot her routine -- she did just think she'd missed out on a ballet scholarship to Chloe.

Abby took time from her breakdown to call Cathy, the Candy Apple's instructor, "Satan" and declare that the one-point loss has completely ruined her reputation. Granted, Cathy's behavior in the episode was rather abhorrent, stealing a routine from Chloe and parading her girls in to rub her win in Abby's face. Chloe got her back though by winning anyway.

The titular "Dance Moms" called Abby out for this emotional outburst, saying it was confirmation that she played favorites on the show. Confirmation that would seem to be a bit redundant, considering that the show itself makes that point pretty clear as well. But Abby hugging Maddie is a far cry from the yelling she reserves for the other girls. It's all too much for Abby, who declares she needs a break and leaves abruptly.

Perfect timing, as "Dance Moms" is taking a break as well. What will happen next?

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