04/06/2012 10:36 am ET

Craziest Fan Tattoos: Marilyn Monroe, Superheroes and Disney (PHOTOS)

Even with today's advanced tattoo removal technology, a tat is still a big commitment. Though they can essentially be cleansed from the skin, the procedure is painful and an outline is often visible to the keen eye after removal.

Despite this threat of semi-permanency, some fans have not shied away from inking their passion onto various parts of their bodies. For die-hard fans, permanent body art is the highest form of appreciation.

Fan tattoos range from the obvious to the bizarre, covering a wide range of faces, teams and symbols. Some choose celebs or icons, like Marilyn Monroe -- you're not the only one, Megan Fox -- while others opt for superheroes or Disney characters.

Check out the gallery below to seem some of the most outrageous fan tattoos.