04/04/2012 05:57 pm ET Updated Jul 26, 2012

Staten Island Pit Bull Takes Bullet To Save Owner, Justin Becker, During Break-In And Survives

Kilo, the pit bull, has been hailed a super-pooch after he took a bullet to protect his owner and survived, New York Post reports.

Over the weekend, an armed intruder and would-be burglar -- posing as a FedEx delivery man -- attempted to push his way into Justin Becker's home in Staten Island, NY.

According to the Staten Island Advance, Becker lunged against the door to prevent the aggressor from getting any further, while his girlfriend, Nicole Percoco, 22, ran to the kitchen to get a knife.

That's when Becker's 12-year-old pooch, Kilo, leapt into action.

"I get the guy in between the door, and Kilo was trying to bite him to through the door," said Becker.

It was then that the gunman shot the dog in the head -- before making a quick escape.

Incredibly, the bullet ricocheted off Kilo’s skull and exited through his neck, giving the dog a chance of survival.

But Becker's girlfriend, Nicole Percoco, was certain that Kilo was going to die.

"Hold him in your arms. Let him die in your arms," she told Becker.

Instead, Becker took the wounded dog to Staten Island's South Shore Animal Hospital.

"This is like, one in a million," Dr. Greg Panarello, the vet whose clinic operated on Kilo told Fox News. "He’s very lucky."

The staff at the hospital was so impressed with Kilo -- who is now back home and recovering well -- that they adorned his bandage with an 'S' for 'superhero.'

"Kilo's amazing. This makes me realize how special he is," Percoco told the Staten Island Advance.