04/04/2012 09:05 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

How Do You Eat Your Peeps? (POLL)

There are so many mysteries that surround Peeps, the sparkly-colored, animal-shaped marshmallows we see often around Easter.

For one, why they're named after the sound baby chicks make (Peeps), when they aren't always shaped like chicks. Also, how we're able to digest them when we're not even sure if they dissolve. And how they got these marshmallow shapes to be so hotly colored.

But what's even more mysterious is how people are crazy about Peeps (and others about hating them) -- and even more so, how many different ways there are to eat them. Some people swear by letting them go stale before indulging in their marshmallow madness. Others feel they're only incredible when nuked in the microwave and morphed beyond recognition. And then there are those who give them a chill, sticking them in the freezer before chowing down.

And while we know there are dozens of ways to eat Peeps, what we want to know is how you eat your Peeps -- and which Peep-eating method is the most popular. Take our poll and make a stand for how you feel Peeps should be eaten.

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