04/04/2012 04:08 am ET

'New Girl': Jess Declares No More Secrets And Immediately Regrets It (VIDEO)

After Winston cracks and tells the worst keeper of secrets on the show, it was mere moments before Jess learned that Cece was sleeping with Schmidt on "New Girl" (Tue., 9p.m. ET on Fox). While no one took the news well -- they simply can't fathom why a hot model like Cece would want to have sex with Schdmit, of all people -- it was particularly difficult for Jess.

For her, it was a betrayal of their lifelong friendship. It was Cece keeping secrets from her, when Jess never keeps any secrets from Cece. So Jess laid down the law and declared that there would be no more secrets in the household. However, she should have thought that one through a little more.

One by one in quick succession, the guys all admitted that they'd had sexual fantasies involving Jess. It was all too much to bear, and she quickly re-authorized the keeping of secrets. And then decided that she had to dress up in full winter gear to hide as much of her face and body as possible.

What she ultimately learned, though, was that secrets aren't necessarily a bad thing, and that the main reason Cece was keeping Schmidt a secret, was that despite herself she was developing real feelings for him, and wasn't sure yet how to deal with that. She's still not.

See how things develop as "New Girl" continues on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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