04/05/2012 12:59 am ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

'Prom' by Mary Ellen Mark: 8 Images From Documentary Photographer's New Book

As every teen movie ever made will tell you, prom isn't just a dance. It's a cultural tradition and a rite of passage for every American teenager. It's achieved near-mythological status as the "biggest night" of a high school senior's life.

A new photography book, Prom by Mary Ellen Mark, documents the senior-year ritual in stunning detail. Mark's vivid black-and-white prints celebrate the great variety and individuality of high school students through a study of prom-goers and their dates. Prom immortalizes moments and tells a story through poses, clothing, body language, expressions and hairstyles. Featuring same-sex couples, prom queens, nerds, pregnant teens, and students with daring fashion senses, Mark's photos capture the diversity of high school life and paint a portrait of contemporary American youth writ large.

Check out a selection of images from Prom in the below slideshow.

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