04/04/2012 08:48 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2012

Salt In Food: 8 Eats Saltier Than Potato Chips

You probably already know that a diet too high in salt can increase a person's risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and dying from other heart-related causes.

But Americans continue to consume close to 3,300 mg of sodium daily --
about 1,000 mg more salt than recommended.

Most adults shouldn't consume more than 2,300 mg of sodium a day. People who are 51 or older, African American or who have high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease should limit sodium intake to less than 1,500 mg daily.

But that can be easier said than done, when you consider some of the sneaky places excess salt is lurking. Sure, you probably already know not to eat the whole bag of potato chips, and that processed meats are full of the stuff, but are you taking your breakfast into consideration?

Not to mention, we notoriously overestimate appropriate serving sizes. A serving of chips is just one ounce, which would be about 15 Lays chips. That clocks in at 170 mg of sodium, or seven percent of the daily upper limit for healthy adults. Other one-ounce servings range from 50 to 200 mg of sodium, according to the AP.

Click through the slideshow below to find out which eight foods have more salt than a serving of chips. Then tell us in the comments: Are you surprised?

Foods With More Salt Than Chips

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