04/05/2012 11:45 am ET Updated Apr 05, 2012

San Francisco Named The City With The Most Sugar Daddies (PHOTOS)

Search no further, gold diggers -- San Francisco is the number one city to find a Sugar Daddy, with more lonely millionaires per capita than any other United States city (yes, even more than Los Angeles and New York).

Seeking Arrangement, which proudly flaunts its standing as the largest “sugar daddy dating website” in the world, recently conducted a study based on five years of self-reported data from its members. San Francisco came out on top of the list of cities with the most sugar daddies, with 3.51 for every 1,000 men.


"Sugar dating," the symbiotic relationship between millionaire and significantly younger beneficiary, is the fastest growing dating trend in the nation.

“Since our launch in 2006 we have seen the active number of sugar daddies grow from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands around the world,” Seeking Arrangement said in a statement.

And just how much money are we talking about? In the United States, the average sugar daddy has an annual income of $263,589 and is worth about 5.6 million dollars.

Of course, there's a downside: The average sugar daddy has a 41.2 percent chance of already being married. But there's an upside, too: The average monthly allowance for a sugar daddy’s sugar baby is $4,357.

Although San Francisco did not top the list for most generous sugar daddies (that prize went to LA), these men are younger than ever. Their average age has dropped from 44 in 2007 to 39 in 2012, and in the Bay Area the average age is 37 (thank you, Silicon Valley).

Still, the issue does not come without controversy (cash for sex rarely does). On an episode of Dr. Phil, Brandon Wade, Seeking Arrangement's founder, responded to allegations that he's a pimp and the sugar babies are just glamorized prostitutes.

"I am taken aback when some legal expert calls me a pimp," Wade told Dr. Phil. "That is definitely shocking to me. I believe that relationships should be two ways, and if people can communicate that up front, then relationships would be [happier]. For a guy who wants to be a sugar daddy, is an exciting place to be."

Sunny Hostin, a CNN legal analysis on the show, disagrees, telling the sugar babies, “"You think these men are giving you money for your happiness? They're not. They're giving you money for sex … And in a sting operation … the minute you exchange money for sex, money for gifts, you're prostituting yourself."

Not convinced that the best relationships come with cash benefits? According to Wade, sugar dating is in our DNA:

“Let’s face it… It’s human nature for successful people to want younger and more attractive partners. It’s also natural for younger men & women to seek out more experienced, sophisticated, wealthy and generous partners, specifically those who have the means of providing them with comforts and luxuries”

Other cities that made the top ten:

  • 2. Boston
  • 3. Austin
  • 4. Las Vegas
  • 5. Los Angeles
  • 6. Washington, D.C.
  • 7. Hartford
  • 8. Miami
  • 9. New York
  • 10. San Diego

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