04/04/2012 09:41 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2012

Sarah Palin On 'Today': Katie Couric Showdown Wasn't Coincidence, 'Ecstatic We Beat The Perky One' (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin said that her epic morning show match-up with Katie Couric was no "coincidence" on Tuesday night's "Hannity."

Palin guest-hosted "Today" on Tuesday morning. She had only positive things to say when Fox News' Sean Hannity asked about her experience as part of the "lamestream media."

"It was a blast," she said of her "Today" stint. "Lots of energy, lots of chaos."

Hannity wanted her insight on her showdown with Katie Couric, who was guest-hosting the NBC News program's archrival at the same time. “Did you know that Katie Couric was co-hosting on 'Good Morning America?'" he asked.

“It wasn’t just a coincidence that I was on this morning up against some competition down the plaza,” Palin said. “I’m not sure how it all came together, but I am one for good competition."

"Today" won that round of the ratings war. On Wednesday, Palin told Zap2It that she was "ecstatic we beat the 'perky one.'" She added that she would not have gone up against Robin Roberts, whom she called "a good egg." She also praised the staff at "Today," and Roberts and Matt Lauer for having traveled to Alaska to interview her in the past.

She appeared on the show after "Good Morning America" revealed that Couric would be co-hosting the ABC News program for a week. The match-up between Palin and Couric — who conducted Palin's notorious 2008 interview on "CBS Evening News" — took the competition between the morning shows to new heights.

Speaking on "Hannity," Palin threw a jab at Couric over their infamous exchange. Perino asked what went through Palin's mind when Matt Lauer asked her about vetting a vice-president based on experience. She replied, “I thought, well this could be worse, in fact I've had worse in interviews, you know, with questions like, what do you read up there in Alaska to stay connected with the real world — where you’re rolling your eyes like, are you kidding me?"

Hannity also said that he found it "interesting" that NBC News turned to a prominent conservative to boost its ratings.

"Well, they're missing out," Palin said. She referred to her discussion about OWN's struggles on "Today," where she suggested that Oprah should feature some conservative voices on the network.

When asked what she would do if Oprah offered her a show, Palin gave an indirect answer. "I think that there is a lot of room out there for more conservative voices, diverse personalities out there who can talk about issues that really are affecting people's everyday lives in America," she said.



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