04/05/2012 11:51 am ET

Alounkune Vongsarasinh Allegedly Sets Up Camera To Film 15-Year-Old Roommate Nude

A Connecticut man was arrested after he allegedly admitted to recording his 15-year-old roommate while she undressed in the bathroom.

Alounkune Vongsarasinh, 38, was collared on Tuesday in Glastonbury, accused of placing a digital camera in the bathroom and filming the nude teen while she showered, according to NBC Connecticut.

He allegedly told cops that he also planned to film the girl's mother.

The teen noticed the camera wedged between the windowsill and the blinds on Tuesday night, right after a shower, News 8 reported. She took the recordings -- which reportedly showed Vongsarasinh setting up the camera -- to her mom, and then to police.

Cops watched the video, confiscated Vongsarasinh's recording equipment and arrested him.

Vongsarasinh admitted to spying on the girl and her mother for over two weeks, but said that he didn't upload the videos on the Internet or share them with anyone, police said.

He was charged with voyeurism and child pornography and released from jail after he posted bail. He told News 8 outside the jailhouse that he was "terribly sorry."

Vongsarasinh signed an order of protection and can't go near his victims. The details of the living arrangement that brought Vongsarasinh and his victims under the same roof remain unclear.



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