04/05/2012 03:16 pm ET

American Hipster YouTube Site Provides Insight into San Francisco's Hipster Culture (VIDEO)

San Francisco is a haven for hipsters (pop on over to Dolores Park on a Saturday to see for yourself), so it’s unsurprising the city would be featured first in a new series profiling that very culture.

San Francisco-based production studio Seedwell launched a new series on YouTube last month aptly named "The American Hipster." The channel airs three hipster-themed shows every week.


"Many people think the whole hipster thing is over," said Peter Furia, creative director of Seedwell, in a statement. "But the fact that the term is still so contentious makes us think there's substance to explore. We also suspect there's new humor to enjoy as hipsterism's influence expands further into the mainstream and crosses generations."

American Hipster Presents, a documentary style show, explores important themes in Hipster culture: music, art, style, food and social life in five episodes each for ten different cities throughout the country.

The show follows Paavo Steinkamp as he tours the country in search of professional hipsters, experts in their respective fields. The show’s debut took place here in town with our very own Bon Vivants. The first episode, featuring Irish whiskey, bare-knuckle boxing and amazing cocktails, is a funny and engaging look into San Francisco's hipster night life.

Other episodes in San Francisco will feature local Instagram photographer Bex Finch, Four Barrel Coffee Owner Jeremy Tooker, the founders of the blog Yours Truly, and barber Shorty Maniance. Steinkamp hosts a video blog after each episode to respond to viewer comments and share anecdotes about each city.

The next featured cities will include Austin, New Orleans and Philadelphia, while the remaining six are still tentative.

"We're excited to bring new audiences to YouTube with America Hipster Presents," said David Fine, Seedwell's head of production, in a statement. "These are beautifully filmed, longer episodes that profile trendy people who are truly passionate about their respective crafts, and it comes through in their stories. We think viewers will enjoy leaning back and getting immersed in these characters week after week."

The other two shows on the channel include “Max Movie Reviews,” featuring a witty, hipster baby with a German accent and “Hipster Grandmas,” a weekly roundup of trends and celebrity news with the tagline “this hipster shit is so old."

Check out the preview for American Hipster Presents below and tune in to their YouTube channel on Mondays for upcoming episodes: