04/05/2012 02:55 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

This Color Palette Can Make Your Home Life Happier (PHOTOS)

While bright yellow probably isn't the first color that most people would consider using in their home, we're taking a closer look at how the sunny hue can liven up a room. Our inspiration? An image of beautiful yellow flowers.

Without a doubt, yellow is one of the hardest colors to miss in a room. But, you can also think of it as the 'neutral' of the neon world. Complementing both neutrals and most colors, you couldn't ask for a better accent for your home. For example, yellow brings out the warmth of grays and browns, which helps perk up even dark schemes. Similarly, yellow helps brighten up colors from pastels to deeper hues.

Most importantly, yellow is the definition of a happy, cheerful color. It's a great choice for any place that could use a mood lift, particularly when used in a setting you associate with work (kitchens, home offices and study areas).

At its most extreme, neon yellow has the same benefits -- only "amped up." So it works best in small doses, to prevent the color from overwhelming your home.

Looking for a few pointers? Click through the slideshow to see our color palette inspired by bright yellow flowers along with home finds based on those hues.

Flickr photo by vavva_92

Color: Neon Yellow